About Us...


Marengo Tool & Die Works was founded in 1946 through the partnership of Otto Tauck and Fred Struckmeier, Sr. The original building was only 10,000 square feet. The business mainly serviced tool and die work and machining in the early years. Since then the Company has expanded several times and now covers approximately 62,000 square feet.


In the mid 1950's Marengo Tool & Die built several special machines to mill serrations into channel nuts for a company based in Chicago. The result was the Company being introduced to the channel framing industry, which supplies commercial and industrial construction projects throughout the United States and Canada as well as other countries.


Through a network of companies that coordinate the channel framing business and the marketing of the products, channel framing materials are efficiently sold to the end users in the construction industry.


Marengo Tool & Die currently employs 35 people.

2009 Marengo Tool & Die Works, Inc.
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